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Practice Schedule
Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are from 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm at Friends Select School (16th & Race).
On Saturdays and Sundays, practices are from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at Friends Select School.

Members are not required to attend all practices. The first week is free for local swimmers to try out.

The drop-in fee for one swim session is $10 for USMS registered swimmers. If you are visiting us from another USMS or IGLA team, please show a copy of your current USMS card. Returning Fins members must have their USMS card with them.

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The next swim meet that the Fins will host is in Spring 2009 (about 8 months away). The schedule is determined via an agreement between the Fins and gay swim teams from Boston, New York and Washington DC so each team hosts a meet every two years and supports meets hosted by our sister teams.

The Fins board has named Dennis Clegg the chair of the pool search committee. For those who may not know, Dennis is a former Fins president and has been an active member of the team for a long time. Dennis is usually seen chewing gum while swimming in Lane 2.

Dennis' task is to find an acceptable pool 4 months prior to the meet. The ideal date of the meet is Saturday May 2, which is the day before the Equality Forum SundayOUT block party. However, the date may change depending on pool availability. We want a pool that is near Philadelphia, and can easily be accessible via public transit. The pool must have start blocks and the standard timing system.

I am happy that Dennis has accepted this important task. If you have contacts with any pool facility that fits our need or if you would like to join the pool search committee, please let Dennis know. His email is

Anh Dang
Fins President

Fins members broke 3 national (USMS) records during IGLA. The records are:

200 Breastroke (25 – 29) Corey Welch (FINS) – 2:19.27

400 Freestyle Relay (72 – 99 combined age) Philadelphia Fins – 3:40.78
1) Mayer, Gerard M24 2) Burleigh, Roger M24 3) Welch, Corey M25 4) Smith, Ryan M25 

400 Medley Relay (72 – 99 combined age) Philadelphia Fins – 3:58.83
1) Welch, Corey M25 2) Mayer, Gerard M24 3) Burleigh, Roger M24 4) Smith, Ryan M25 

For more info, please see the OutSports article below

Pictured from left to right: Gerry Mayer, Ryan Smith, Roger Burleigh and Corey Welch.

Here is another edition of the Fins statistics based on the July 2008 Fins USMS registration data
Total           131     members 
Female        38      members or 29% 
Male            93      members or 71% 
Average age overall             38      
Average age (female)           35      
Average age (male)              39     
Youngest male            21 years old 
Youngest female         23 years old    
Oldest male                 63 years old    
Oldest female              58 years old    
Members in their 20's           37      
Members in their 30's           34      
Members in their 40's           42      
Members in their 50's           17      
Member in his 60's               1

Anh Dang

Congratulations to Fins members Terri Talbot and Donald Verlenden for a fantastic performance at the Delaware County Senior Games yesterday. Swimming against Delaware County residents age 50 and over, Terri and Donald won a total of 5 medals.

Terri (Lane 5)
Donald (Lane 4)

We have an open invitation from the Valley Forge Masters to participate in drop-in workouts with them. The drop-in fee is $6 per session. This Masters swimming group is coached by Dan Castellano, who is a friend of the Fins. Please check out this website for their swim schedule prior to your appearance. The website is

This group is known to hold practices during holiday weekends, so please bookmark this website for future use.


Upcoming Events

  1. Aquapalloza hosted by our sister IGLA team - Team New York Aquatics (TNYA).   The meet is on Sat 11th Oct.  Deadline for registration is Sept 24.
  2. Zones at Rutgers University, Dec 5-7. Some Fins are planning to compete in some Saturday events
  3. Fins Holiday Party, Dec 6. Details are forthcoming


Featured Members

Name Shelly Coppola
Lane 5
What is your impression of the Fins so far?

The Fins are to be a very welcoming group that is able to balance serious training with plenty of fun.

What is your swimming background prior to joining the Fins? I swam in a summer league in high school and have been doing triathlons since age 15.
Favorite Fins experience so far? Running into teammates all over the city, whether it local races or during nights out on the town.
What do you do when you are not swimming? When I'm not "fixing broken hearts" (I'm an engineer for a medical device company and assist cardiologists with pacemaker and defibrillator implants), I enjoy getting outdoors and finding my next great adventure. I'm a member of two local chapters of the Hash House Harriers international running/social club and I volunteer at PAWS animal shelter.


Name Gerry Mayer
Lane 1
What is your impression of the Fins so far?

Fun, competitive group that knows how to work hard in the pool, and play hard out of it.

What is your swimming background prior to joining the Fins? Swam in high school at Upper Dublin HS and college at Carnegie Mellon Univ
Favorite Fins experience so far? The FINS float at the Pride parade this year, and  the Pink Flamingo rehearsals.
What do you do when you are not swimming? Planning to go to grad school for MBA in Fall '09.  Hobbies include Poker, Basketball, and going to concerts/music festivals


Name Kevin Aldridge
Lane 6
What is your impression of the Fins so far?

From the get-go Fins have been very welcoming, friendly, fun, encouraging, supporting, and a little crazy and intense.  Everything I missed in a team sport!

What is your swimming background prior to joining the Fins? When I was 4, my mother threw me in a pool, figuring I'd either sink or swim.  I survived and have loved the water ever since.  Just never been coached or on a swim team, until now.
Favorite Fins experience so far? Any moment where I see our team spirit shine through.  It happens not just at meet time, but in so many little things.  The camaraderie, dedication, and support are amazing!  It's why I love being a Fin.
What do you do when you are not swimming? I eat, bike, run, eat, babysit, crochet, read, write, and eat.


Name Nicholas Deroose
Lane 4
What is your impression of the Fins so far?

Nothing sort of Fabulous !

What is your swimming background prior to joining the Fins? Nothing too serious
Favorite Fins experience so far? Hanging out after swim practice. 
What do you do when you are not swimming? Badminton and Mahjong ! Or i am usually sitting at Brew ha ha


Name Jennifer Hensell
Lane one or two, depends on if I ever get to swim and how in shape I feel
Have been a Fins since:

Spring 2005

What do you say about the Fins to your friends and family? As head coach I describe the team as my swimmers. I get very proud and posessive of the team. Think a very proud parent of a smart but mischievous child. I talk about the teams diversity and the colorful personalities. I relate stories of swimmer antics and acheivements. 
Favorite Fins experience so far? Too many to count...Gay Games Chicago, Seeing the pride float last year by my museum, and the 2006 holiday party at my place just to name a few


Name Shara Neidell
Lane 2
Have been a Fins since:

hmmm... I think it has been since 1998

What do you say about the Fins to your friends and family? I swim with this great team in Philly -- it's a great place to work out, meet new people and have a lot of fun while in and out of the pool.  Brunches and dinners after practice make it all worthwhile!
Favorite Fins experience so far? IGLA Atlanta was loads of fun and really a good opportunity to hang out with people for a longer period of time.  And then just hanging out after practice, good eats and exploring some of the bars and dance areas in Philly; oh yeah -- and then there was the Woody's fashion show and going to Woody's after our meet is always a fun time


Name Lily Cavanagh
Lane 2
Have been a Fins since:

November 07

What do you say about the Fins to your friends and family? I tell my friends and family that practicing with the FINS is one of the best parts of my week and that I've never been on a more supportive swim team that knows how to balance working out and getting in shape while still having fun and being social.
Favorite Fins experience so far? I can't pick just one. My favorite thing about the FINS is that there is such a diversity of people and personalities. Just with the teammates in my lane I can giggle about all the cute boys, talk politics, and swap recipes for cupcakes, and still find time to swim.


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